Trusted Partner

Your practice places its three most important assets in the hands of your billing agency – your patients, your financial assets, and your reputation. It is a responsibility we never take for granted at PBS. Always, we strive to help you achieve your business and financial goals. Always, we treat your patients with respect and compassion.  Always, we act in a manner that enhances your practice’s reputation.

We begin with the highest levels of transparency in our processes and financial reporting. Your job is complicated enough. We bring your financial picture into clear focus and personalize our reporting to suit your preferences. In all ways, PBS ensures its billing process, systems, and procedures align with industry best practices, prevailing federal and state laws, and your practices’s processess.

That means PBS provides seamless integration with your internal systems and processes along with secure, real-time integration with your accounts. At the same time, we act a your business partner, using our decades of experience to equip your staff with ideas and subtle changes that will expedite and maximize payments while limiting the amount of time you need to be involved with the details.

“Their commissions are a little higher. I still went with them. They’re personable. My account isn’t handed off to someone different after I commit. And I like that I can text the principal and get a response.”

PBS Client