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“I love your practice, but not your billing agency.”

There’s a saying in business that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and five seconds to destroy it. That’s why you invest significantly not just in patient care, but in the patient’s full experience. You invest in quality staff and ensure they have appropriate training.

When it comes to medical billing, it only makes sense, then, to entrust not just your financial assets, but the reputation of your business, to a billing agency that represents your practice with the care it deserves.

We treat your patients with dignity and respect. We invest significantly in our team to ensure that they have not just the aptitude, but the attitude, experience, and training that is necessary to represent your practice in a manner that aligns with your practice’s principles.

Stress, emotion, money … we work at a complicated intersection, and never forget that we answer to two uncompromising standards: To represent your practice in a professional, ethical manner; and to do whatever is necessary to ensure your patients are treated as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Core Strengths

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Trusted Financial Partner

Always, we treat your patients with respect and compassion. Always, we act in a manner that enhances your practice’s reputation.

Marketplace Expertise

We’re small by design, choosing to build command and functional expertise within your practice’s specialty area.

Maximum Revenue

It is our steadfast belief that you get what you pay for. In our case, you pay for experience, expertise, and a compassionate touch.

Want More Information?

Testimonials from Clients and Employees

One thing I like about PBS is there’s a person who answers the phone. How frustrating is it when you’re talking to a robot? It drives you crazy. Especially when a patient already is frustrated with paying a bill. That customer service, that real-person customer service, is important.


PBS Client

We do it better than others. We want to collect every single account for every single client. If we get a denial, we know how to research different aspects of the procedures, how to fix it, rebill it. We go the extra step.
PBS Associate

To me, the most important thing is that bottom line. It always comes back to staffing. What’s their level of expertise with diagnostic coding? With PBS, the professionalism and tenure of staff shows. One of the things that impresses me is that PBS is so strong at following up with past due accounts and with insurance agencies.
PBS Client

Don’t Compromise Compassion for Bottom Line

It’s the biggest fallacy in business, that being a shrewd, bottom-line-driven business means you must leave your humanity and compassion at the door.

Indeed, our experience is exactly the opposite. The more time and interest we invest in truly understanding the issues and problems facing patients, the higher the revenue we deliver back to your practice. The more we listen, the more capable we are to spot fixable problems and avoid those same problems in the future.


Let’s get a bit more specific. Imagine an invoice that involves five distinct procedures on it. You transmit the paperwork to PBS. We scan it and recognize – from talking with your patients and depth of experience – that a particular insurance carrier only makes a partial reimbursement for one of the procedures. Typically, the patient gets billed for the balance, but if the patient knows that he or she already has met the deductible or the procedure was supposed to be fully covered, he or she then will delay payment or maybe even refuse to pay.
Here’s how PBS is different. We take the time to fix the issue before it becomes a problem. Maybe we know that if you use a different (entirely proper) diagnostic code, it solves the problem. Maybe we know that you need to submit the claim as two, separate diagnostic codes. By listening to your patient, by knowing and remembering the procedures and idiosyncrasies of the carrier, we intervene. That saves time, expedites payment, and delivers more revenue at the same time.

Compassion was never compromised to serve the bottom line.


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