Maximum Revenue

Staying on top of the ever-changing dynamics of diagnostic coding is hard enough. Understanding the inner workings of insurance carriers—along with Medicare and Medicaid—adds another layer of complexity. Now, throw deductibles, co-pays, EOBs, and network implications into the mix. And let’s not forget the emotionally charged intersection that your patients are attempting to navigate: Coping with illness, financial obligations, and stress.

Nonetheless, the success of any medical practice is dependent on the capabilities and expertise of its billing agency. How much you get paid and how quickly you get paid – that’s the name of the business.

At PBS, we understand your world. Our commissions are not the lowest. But the net return we deliver to our clients is the highest. It is our steadfast belief that you get what you pay for. In our case, you pay for experience, expertise, and a compassionate touch.

We invest time and resources where other billing agencies don’t.

  • We take extraordinary effort to train our team to understand the intricacies of diagnostic coding and the processes of insurance carriers.
  • We take time to examine your diagnoses and corresponding coding to ensure they align with procedures and practices of carriers.
  • We spot mistakes and rectify them before they result in denials or delays in payment.
  • When payments are denied, we are deliberate in following up to determine the cause and legitimacy of the denial and respond quickly on your behalf.

Getting the maximum payment from carriers is the best way to maximize the financial performance of your practice while limiting the residual, financial exposure of your patients. You don’t have to compromise compassion to be a bottom-line driven business.