Compassionate Touch

Respect. Compassion. Dignity. Your patients have a right to be treated in a manner that is consistent with the principles you set forth for your practice.

In every conversation, with every piece of correspondence, and on every invoice, we never forget that PBS is operating as an extension of your practice. Your patients become our clients. We work not just to adhere to the high standard of service and care that you expect for your patients, but to exceed that standard.

We work with – never against – your patients. We answer the phone within three rings, not allowing machines to replace the human touch that defines our business.

We always respond to calls and emails within a day, but usually faster than that. And in all our communications, we work are diligent to ensure that your practice is being represented in a professional manner. We know – as you do – that even a single customer service blemish on your practice is too many.

  • We work one-on-one with patients to customize payment plans.
  • We never forget that we represent not just you, but your patients when we are working and negotiating with carriers.
  • We screen our team to ensure not just that they have the capability, but the desire to serve as your representative and as advocate for your patients.

Is this the least expensive approach? No, it’s not. Is this the only way PBS ever will approach your account? Yes, it is.