Marketplace Expertise

We’re small by design, choosing to build a deep, functional expertise within your practice’s specialty area. That’s what sets PBS apart from other billing agencies. It is our preference to invest our time, passion, and talent development where it matters most to our clients and their patients. That makes us great at what we do.

We know the intricacies of each insurance carrier in the marketplace. We know diagnostic coding within your specialty area inside and out. We know where the traps lie and how to avoid them. That allows PBS to fix problems before they delay processing and payments.

Services Offered

  • Billing Service. Our core business is a turn-key billing service that includes real-time patient eligibility check and extensive follow-up.
  • Integrated EHR System. A robust, Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that integrates with any internal system or software.
  • Client Portal. Full transparency in all financial reporting with online, real-time review of client accounts.
  • Contract Negotiations. We  put our expertise and experience to work on your behalf in negotiation with insurance carriers.
  • Credentialing. We’ll keep an eye on your credentials and licenses to ensure they remain in compliance with requirements of carriers along with federal and state authorities.
  • Medicare & Medicaid Compliance. State-by-state, we use our knowledge and experience to ensure your billing procedures and diagnostic coding adhere with the exacting specifications of Medicare and Medicaid.

As a PBS client, your practice gets the best of all worlds – a higher return for your practice, quicker payment from carriers, and attention to detail that ensures you are in compliance with all laws, regulations, and carrier requirements.

We know there’s a simpler approach – churn the billing without so much human touch, live with some losses, sell the debt, and let your patients figure out the residuals. But that’s not how you want for your practice, is it? And it’s certainly not the way we do business at PBS.

“To me, the most important thing is that bottom line. It always comes back to staffing. What’s their level of expertise with diagnostic coding? With PBS, the professionalism and tenure of staff shows. One of the things that impresses me is that PBS is so strong at following up with past due accounts and with insurance agencies.”

PBS Client