Practice Areas


Medical billing agencies fall into two general categories. First, you have those agencies, like ours, with expertise that is narrow and deep, specializing in no more than a handful of practice areas. You then have those agencies that are generalists, which cater to a wider number of specialty areas, but whose knowledge and experience within any single practice area can be nothing more than superficial.

At PBS, we’ve made the deliberate, calculated choice to specialize in fewer specialty areas, bringing substantial, relevant knowledge and expertise to the table on behalf of a smaller number of clients. Our perspective is that a team with deeper experience in a smaller number of practice areas pays disproportionate dividends for our clients. It means a higher percentage of accounts collected on your behalf, more accurate diagnostic coding, and more efficient interaction with clients, patients, and insurance carriers.

Could we make more money by casting a wider net and providing a lower level of expertise within more practice areas? Almost certainly, the answer is “yes.” But that is not the PBS model. Our goal is to represent your practice with the highest possible level of professionalism, competency, and courtesy to your patients. The results speak for themselves.

Our Practice Areas

  • Pathology
  • Fine Needle
  • Laboratory
  • Urgent Care
  • General Practice